Babyn Yar Project, Requiem

Babyn Yar Project, Requiem

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation announces a new educational project that promotes understanding for fundamental human rights through the Babyn Yar tragedy.

The mission of this unique project is to educate the public through a traveling exhibition, focused on a museum quality cast of a 15 ft powerful sculpture, Requiem.

Requiem is an emotionally resonant visual remembrance of the series of killings that occurred in the ravine, Babyn Yar, Kyiv, Ukraine in September 1941.  It is estimated that over 100,000 people – significantly Jews but also prisoners of war, civilian hostages, Gypsies and Ukrainian nationalists – died at Babyn Yar.

Requiem will honor the victims of Babyn Yar and will acknowledge their humanity and loss.  Representing the spirit of known Babyn Yar survivors, Requiem will also show, in the midst of despair, two lone survivors – inspiring hope for all humanity. The sculpture seeks to overcome fear and hate with a new courageous, moral strength that can change the world.

Through Requiem, the goal is to develop a powerful environment that will be the focal point of what will become a complete exhibition, with accompanying documents, and interactive supporting displays – in order for the viewer to experience an emotional and educational journey through history.

Initial funding for this project will make it possible for the completion of the first stage, the massive 15 ft diameter, 2 ½ ft deep sculptural monument, that will be the focal point of the exhibition.

The Foundation’s partner in this project is sculptor Cindy Jackson.  Ms. Jackson has been an award winning public sculptor for 18 years. She has numerous works in communities in Southern California and with collectors all over the world. She has exhibited in galleries as well as museums.

Ms. Jackson believes passionately about this project and has brought the Requiem project to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation.  She is fully committed to see this work completed.  In doing so, she has consulted with architects, arts conservators and other experts regarding the project.  Her professional website is

In order to develop the Requiem sculptural project to its full potential, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation seeks your support.  Online gifts to the Foundation can be made at

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-exempt as provided by law.