How Can I Help?

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How to Help

Ukraine needs us.

Currently, we are focused on the most immediate needs of the people of Ukraine while building up our capabilities to mobilize the resources and support that people like you are offering to help those in need. We have set up various forms and pathways below for you to donate money and goods or volunteer your time.  

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There are many ways to help

Give to the organizations and programs we support


Other ways to help

Donating money isn't the only way to help support the people of Ukraine. If you would like to donate desperately-needed items like medical supplies or other goods, host a fundraising event, or volunteer for our organization, please get in contact. We appreciate all contributions. Thank you so much for your support of Ukraine.

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Learn more about Ukraine

Ukraine has contributed to advancements in science and culture throughout history and plays a key role in the modern global economy. As we update our new website, we will be adding content that showcases Ukraine's contribution to the world.

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  • Art & Literature
  • History
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