Doing Business with Ukrainians

American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is a proud partner of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (AmCham Ukraine). The largest AmCham Office in Europe, AmCham Ukraine has been serving the business community in Ukraine since 1992, helping companies grow and promote their services and brands as well as endorsing Ukraine worldwide as an investment destination.

On May 3, AmCham Ukraine launched Doing Business with Ukrainians, a special project aimed at encouraging the U.S. and global international companies to support Ukrainians, Ukrainian businesses, and consequently Ukraine as a whole.

As part of this project, AmCham Ukraine is vetting and promoting Ukrainian companies that are willing and able to do business and provide high-quality services worldwide. By providing an opportunity for Chamber members and Ukrainian companies to develop new partnerships abroad, AmCham Ukraine is working to help small- and medium-sized enterprises businesses stay afloat during the war.


Current participation: 38 companies from 9 industries

  • Automotive, Logistic, Transport - 2
  • Business Consulting - 3
  • Furniture & Office Equipment – 1
  • HR Services – 1
  • Industrial Products & Equipment – 4
  • IT – 9
  • Legal & Accounting – 12
  • Marketing & Advertising – 4
  • Public & Social Services – 1
  • Energy & Power – 1


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