Water Insecurity in Ukraine

Access to clean water is a human right—one that Russia is intentionally denying the people of Ukraine.

In April 2022, UNICEF reported that 6 million Ukrainians were water insecure, with either limited or no access to safe water. Russia has begun using water as a weapon of war by shutting off water supply, attacking/killing irrigation workers, and destroying electric infrastructure.

USUF is combatting Ukraine's clean water crisis with partners that manufacture and provide a variety of water filtration products.

Our Response

USUF has donated four Water on Wheels (WOW) Carts to Ukraine to provide urgently-needed relief to communities devastated by war.

These highly portable, award-winning purification systems are manufactured by the Louisville-based NGO WaterStep and designed for disaster response. USUF's donated WOW Carts, which we delivered to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, will serve over 80,000 people a day in Ukraine.

Each cart also comes with WaterSteps' patented BleachMaker™ unit, which can produce up to 1 gallon of bleach an hour using only water, salt, and an electricity source. This bleach will be used for disinfectant and sanitation purposes (e.g., in hospitals, food preparation facilities, and IDP shelters).

More About WOW Carts

About WOW Carts

  • EPA-certified
  • Use filtration, UV treatment, and chlorination
  • Produce up to 10,000 gallons of clean water a day
  • Come with two 1,250-gallon storage bladders
  • Include a generator, electrical system, and 12V marine battery
  • Retrofitted with Ukraine- and EU-compatible component parts
  • Come with manuals, videos, and remote training—all in Ukrainian

Your Donation Helps Provide Safe Water in Ukraine

It costs $2 a day to provide someone in Ukraine with clean water—or $10 a day to ensure a family of five has sufficient water to drink. Any amount that you donate is important to ensuring that every Ukrainian is granted that essential human right of access to safe water.


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