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    Since 1991, the leading independent organization in Washington and Kyiv promoting human rights democratic and economic reforms in Ukraine and supporting the mutual objectives of both countries.

Latest News

1990 Revolution on Granite: Students’ Strikes Force Resignation of Prime Minister
Student strikes sparking the Revolution on Granite was one of the many important student actions that paved Ukraine’s path to independence and later influenced its choice towards the European democratic values. On […] READ MORE
Zelensky meets with Merkel, Macron, the EU, and the EC
Between October 10 and 16, the Joint Forces Operation in eastern Ukraine reported 57 violations on the part of Russian-backed forces, 14 of which involved weapons prohibited by the Minsk […] READ MORE
Internal corruption and Russian aggression: Ukraine’s two-front war
Between October 3rd and 9th, the Joint Forces Operation reported that Russian-backed occupation troops committed 42 ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine. As a result, 2 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. On […] READ MORE
Russia courts Donbas residents while ceasefire violations increase
Between September 26th and October 2nd, the Joint Forces Operation reported 67 ceasefire violations on the part of Russian-backed forced in eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately, 2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and […] READ MORE
80th Anniversary of Babyn Yar Holocaust Massacre Tragedy
September 29-30, 2021 marks 80 years of the Babyn Yar massacre tragedy when the first victims of the Nazi policy of extermination - almost 34,000 Jews - were killed in […] READ MORE
Dr. Refat Appazov, Crimean Tatar Scientist that Worked for Serhiy Korolyov on the Soviet Rocket […]
This month we would like to recognize Dr. Refat Appazov, a prominent and yet not widely known scientist of Crimean Tatar origin who advanced the Soviet Rocket Program and actively […] READ MORE

About Us

A "Do Tank"

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) is a strategic “do tank,” headquartered in Washington, D.C. with a permanent Kyiv offfice, working on the ground in Ukraine since 1991. Beginning from our inception, the Foundation, a non–governmental, 501(c)(3), has created and sustained numerous strategic programs and projects, having secured funding of about $50 million.

Our work is aimed at supporting the development of democracy, a free market economy and human rights in Ukraine, and the strategic partnership between the U.S. and Ukraine.

Programs, which build peace and prosperity through shared democratic values, have focused on the areas of democracy, economic development, health, humanitarian aid and national security policy. Today, the Friends of Ukraine Network (FOUN), the Biotech Initiative and Leadership Development are among the key activities of the Foundation.

Our success is made possible by sponsors and by the cooperation and partnerships we have with a broad base of individuals and organizations in the United States, Ukraine and around the world.