The Challenge

On February 27, the World Health Organization, and the now displaced U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, raised the alarm that the medical oxygen supply in Ukraine was running dangerously low. Some Ukrainian hospitals have already run out of oxygen just as the wounded and dying are expanding ten-fold due to the Russian invasion. The failure to provide oxygen quickly and in a sustainable way will result in the needless loss of additional lives.

Our Response

Operation Oxygen is Life’s mission is to facilitate the rapid procurement and delivery of oxygen concentrators into Ukraine in order to save lives – oxygen is life.  We have built an infrastructure to facilitate the rapid procurement of high reliability U.S. made oxygen concentrators for shipment to Ukraine. Medical oxygen concentrators are lighter, smaller and provide years of continuous oxygen supply vice bottled oxygen, which may only last a few hours.

Our total goal is $500,000 raised. This provides over 300 medical oxygen concentrator kits that will help thousands of patients.

Funding Levels

$1,600 funds an oxygen concentrator kit for a Combat Medic
$3,200 funds two oxygen concentrator kits for a Combat Medic Team
$6,400 funds four oxygen concentrator kits for a Forward Aid Station
$16,000 funds ten oxygen concentrator kits for a Field Hospital
$32,000 funds twenty oxygen concentrator kits for a Hospital
Any amount supports Operation Oxygen is Life

Donate Today

When donating, please select Operation Oxygen is Life. For larger donations, please reach out to for wire instructions or other options.

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