The Foundation's Orphans in Ukraine Project

February 7, 2023

Even with the horrors of the war perpetrated on Ukraine over the past year, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation continues to implement its "traditional" programming while also meeting the increased needs for delivering support in humanitarian aid and various advocacy efforts. One example is its Orphans in Ukraine Project.

Primarily through the support of the Katherine Sorenson Trust, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation continues to aid in the improvement of orphans lives, focusing on those individuals who are late teens or young adults.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, in partnership with the Ukrainian charitable foundation, Pryyateli Ditey (Friends of Children), provides young orphaned individuals with financial, social and educational support in order to better prepare them for independent, adult life.

Activities in 2023 center on the Scholarship Program, which provides educational, life skills mentoring and financial support to the older orphans, expecially those experiencing some form of crisis during the war.

These activities in Ukraine are managed by Dmytro Samarskyy, Program Coordinator, of Pryyateli Ditey.

Mr. Samarskyy conducted two days of seminars in Ternopil during Janaury for 29 young people, 13 who were supported by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation's Orphans Program. Among the topics discussed were media literacy, financial self-managment, orphans' rights, CV creating and job interview preparetion.

The photos show the wonderful young women and men benefitting from our program!

If you would like to support our Orphan Project, mail in a gift, or make an online gift via our Donate Page's General Fund designation and leave a message regarding "Orphans" in the "Leave a Comment' section. Don't hesitate to inform Vice President John A. Kun also, with an email message at