Petrach Community Development Fund

Petrach Community Development Fund

In March 2003, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation was appointed as administrator of the William Petrach Endowment, a fund of $335,000 that supports the year-to-year needs of the four buildings – community center, public school, library and church rectory – that were constructed or renovated through the Petrach Charitable Trust. The Foundation administered the building of Starij Dobrotvir’s community center from 1998 to March 2002 under the Petrach Charitable Trust and is pleased to be selected as the center’s permanent administrator.

“There is no other village in the oblast, maybe not even in all of Ukraine, that is filled with such grand buildings…And what is perhaps more important – your countrymen far beyond the borders of Ukraine, beyond the ocean, have not forgotten about you…This is how you build a country!”
Mr. Yanyshyn addresses Mykhaylo Hladiy, Governor of the Lviv Oblast

The Foundation has provided over $64,000 in 2005 for a variety of needs. The Foundation is supporting the installation of a new heating system in the public school. This project will replace old boilers, radiators and underground pipes with new and modern ones. It is anticipated that the installation will be completed during Summer 2005 and that the school children will enjoy a “warm” learning atmosphere in the upcoming and future school years. The Foundation has also provided funds to the library for new books, periodicals, and multi-media equipment and for the on-going construction of the new parish rectory.

The Petrach Charitable Trust was created upon the death of William Petrach, originally a native of Starij Dobrotvir (Lviv oblast, Kamyanka-Buzky ) and a retired U.S. Federal Government employee. During his lifetime, he and his wife amassed a large estate which was to be distributed following his death through the Trust. According to Mr. Petrach’s wishes, part of the trust funds were allocated for the construction and repair of various public and religious buildings in his village of Starij Dobrotvir. The center includes facilities for a village council, a community home, a library, a savings bank, an exchange branch, a pharmacy, a hair & beauty salon, and a dental office.

The fund’s purpose will continue to stay within the interests of Mr. Petrach as stated through his will and testament. Local organizations will submit annual proposed needs to the Foundation, and selections for support will then be made by the Foundation. This on-going assistance over the long-term will instill greater community cohesiveness and a vested interest in the future of the village vis-?-vis what already has been constructed and what the future needs may be. Community members will need to be engaged through an on-going analysis of community needs.

Y. Yanyshyn holds ribbon while
Dr. Kurylas cuts it. O. Yarmuk looks on.

The Starij Dobrotvir community center was completed on March 23, 2002. The official ribbon cutting ceremony was celebrated by over 150 citizens, music bands, and village, raion and oblast officials. The Foundation is grateful for the following individuals’ invaluable assistance with the center’s construction: U.S.-based project coordinator Dr. Stephan Kurylas; Head of the Old Dobrotvir Village Council Mykhaylo Khimka; and Head of the Kamyanka-Buzkiy Raion State Administration Yaroslav Yanyshyn.

The Petrach Project is the largest of several projects made possible by gifts from Ukrainian Americans who wanted to help their ancestral villages or towns in Ukraine. Others interested in the welfare of Starij Dobrotvir may support it with additional contributions.

The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals or groups who would like to make a contribution for any amount in any place in Ukraine.