2023 Year of Victory for Ukraine

Image: Roman Sava from Mariupol for the “Children of War” project of Natalia Pavliuk
February 25, 2023

“It was a year of resilience. A year of care. A year of bravery. A year of pain. A year of hope. A year of endurance. A year of unity. The year of invincibility. The furious year of invincibility. Its main result is that we endured. We were not defeated.

And we will do everything to gain victory this year!
Glory to Ukraine!”
Volodymyr Zelensky, Feb 24, 2023

February 25th, day 1st of the Year of Victory for Ukraine

Let us do our part

Join us in building our counter offensive to Putin`s ongoing escalating war in Ukraine, the growing humanitarian crisis including continuing the genocide of kidnapping and indoctrination of Ukrainian children kidnapping.

In January 2023 U.S.-Ukraine Foundation launched an informational and advocacy campaign to confront the genocide being perpetrated by Russia in the kidnapping of over 16,000 children of Ukraine.


The Friends of Ukraine Network (FOUN) is an initiative of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation. FOUN is a coalition of Ukraine experts - leading policy and international national security professionals. Members of FOUN include academics and think-tank contributors including former ambassadors to Ukraine, a former ambassador to Russia, two former Supreme Allied Commanders Europe, a former U.S. Army Commander Europe, former senior NATO officials and leading economic and energy specialists. They come together within FOUN to make and advocate for specific recommendations for U.S. assistance to Ukraine.

Since 2014 their collective advocacy is advanced through published recommendations, one-on-one meetings with policy makers on Capitol Hill, in the Executive Branch and in the media.

Most of FOUN’s work is behind the scenes through extensive relationships in Washington and Kyiv. Its recommendations are appreciated because of their specificity and the support provided for those recommendation.

Since February 2022 FOUN increased the advocacy throughout the year and organized a series of webinars, raising important and often non-obvious questions, focused on the future, such as “Prosecuting Crimes in Ukraine: Addressing the Kidnapping of Children”, “What is the Goal of Assistance to Ukraine?”, “Recommendations on Reimagining Reconstruction & Rebuilding” and other.

Currently FOUN has increased its efforts to make sure Ukraine gets all it needs to win the war in 2023.


Supporting the people of Ukraine

yesterday, today, and tomorrow

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation has delivered over $13 million of direct humanitarian aid (medical supplies, life-saving equipment and cash grants) to aid the People of Ukraine since the start of Russia's aggression.

Now it is critical to redouble our efforts.


Since March 2022, USUF supported Rotary Club Kyiv International, Center of Women’s Initiatives and other organizations establishing shelters for internally displaced people in 13 regions of Ukraine. In summer 2022 we started supporting efforts on restoration of people’s housing damaged by the war through our partnership with a local NGO Dobrobat. In 2023 we support the establishment of a heated hub in Zaporizhzhia where people could come and get warm during blackouts amid the cold winter.


Ukraine’s State Police and State Emergency Service’s K9 units are greatly involved in the search of people and demining activities. Their staff and dogs suffered from the war, especially on the formerly occupied territories. While we purchase and ship from the U.S. protective equipment that is not available in Ukraine, we also identified K9 gear sourced within Ukraine as a part of our commitment to prioritizing and delivering aid quickly to the highest areas of need.


To address a critical need, we’ve launched the Food for Life initiative to manufacture and deliver food boxes made entirely in Ukraine, thus supporting the local economy. Our goal is to assemble and deliver Ukrainian-sourced food boxes to the regions with the greatest needs doing it in partnership with the Food for Good project, local manufacturers and Ukrainian humanitarian organizations.


Since March 1, U.S.-Ukraine Foundation in partnership with Humanitarian Coalition members have shipped more than 100 tons of emergency assistance worth over $10 million.

We continue paying for the delivery of valuable medical donations to Ukraine that is in dire need of medicines, supplies and equipment, especially in the liberated regions that suffered massive destruction.


USUF has donated four Water on Wheels (WOW) Carts to Ukraine to provide urgently-needed relief to communities devastated by the war. These Carts will serve over 80,000 people a day in Ukraine.

Our other grant allowed to install water cleaning equipment at school kitchens providing hot meals for people in four liberated towns in Kharkiv region that suffered severe damage of municipal infrastructure.


The approximate 4.5 million children within Ukraine are direct and innocent victims of the Putin’s war. Mental trauma is no less dangerous than physical trauma and has consequences for the entire future life of the child. USUF provides support for artists, counselors and volunteers providing expressive art therapy and activities that enhance social development and help children handle the mental trauma.


The war forced many businesses to close resulting in high unemployment and stripping skilled professionals of means for making a living. AmCham Ukraine launched a special project aimed at encouraging the U.S. and international companies to support Ukrainians and Ukrainian businesses. USUF helps promoting Ukrainian companies that can provide high quality services in IT, graphic and web design, marketing, etc. - internationally.

We continuing to expand cooperation with other organizations as Free Ukraine, PASS, Inc, PILPG, Save Ukraine NGO, Revival Foundation, Georgia Institute of Technology , Habitat for Humanity International and other to be more effective and cover more areas where we can be of service.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation has provided effective programming and family hosting for 800+ Ukrainian leaders for the Open World program since 2006. The Foundation’s role in administering “people-to-people” exchanges between the U.S. and Ukraine has been an integral part of its history.

Open World programming is designed to enhance understanding and capabilities for cooperation between the U.S. and the countries of Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Baltic States by developing a network of leaders in the region who have gained significant, firsthand exposure to America’s democratic, accountable government and free-market system.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation partners with PASS (a strategic consultancy dedicated to saving lives and alleviating suffering) to help Open Hearts of Vinnytsia in their mission. Open Hearts was founded in 2003 to work with people who have severe forms of disability, including physical, intellectual, and mental disabilities. Their mission is to support and protect families raising children and youth with disabilities and represent their interests in various institutions. Since the beginning of the war, they aid internally displaced persons (IDPs) with disabilities.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is grateful to all our supporters over this 30+ years.

Thank you so much for joining us and many people around the world who took action to support Ukraine and extended a helpful hand to the Ukrainian people! We greatly appreciate all the support and efforts that you undertook.

The President Zelensky has called for the Year 2023 to be a Year of Victory to Ukraine.

It is imperative that we redouble our efforts now.

Join us in building our counter offensive to Putin`s ongoing escalating war in Ukraine, the growing humanitarian crisis including continuing children kidnapping a genocide.