January 20, 2023
January 20, 2023

Online webinar. Prosecuting Crimes in Ukraine: Addressing the Kidnapping of Children

LIVE webinar: January 20, 12 pm

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On January 20, at12 pm ET The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation in partnership with Public International Law & Policy Group invites you to attend the online webinar Prosecuting Crimes in Ukraine: Addressing the Kidnapping of Children as a part of U.S.-Ukraine Foundation`s 30-dayspecial informational and advocacy campaign focusing on the most innocent victims of Putin's war in Ukraine, the children.


  • Dean Michael P. Scharf, Co-Founder  of the Public International Law & Policy Group and the Co-Dean of the Case Western Reserve University School of Law and the Joseph C. Hostetler—Baker Hostetler Professor of Law. He helped train the Iraqi  judges for the trial of Saddam Hussein and has led USAID-funded  transitional justice projects in Uganda, Cote d’Ivoire, Libya, and Turkey (for Syria), and maritime piracy projects in Kenya, Mauritius, and The  Seychelles. Michael has also served as Special Assistant to the Prosecutor  of the Cambodia Genocide Tribunal.
  • Dr. Gregory Noone, the Executive  Director at PILPG. Dr. Noone has over 30 years of experience training  senior military, governmental and non-governmental civilian personnel in  the Law of Armed Conflict, Human Rights, Transitional Justice and other  related fields. Dr. Noone is a retired Captain in the United States Navy  where he served as a judge advocate. During his distinguished career, Dr.  Noone served as the Head of the United States Navy’s International Law     Branch and has held command three times as the Commanding Officer of the Defense  Institute of International Legal Studies reserve unit and the Navy JAG     International and Operational Law reserve unit as well as the Director of  the Department of Defense’s Periodic Review Secretariat.
  • Ambassador Stephen Rapp, a Senior   Peace Fellow at the Public International Law & Policy Group and former  U.S. Department of State’s Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues.  Prior to his appointment, he served as Prosecutor of the Special Court for  Sierra Leone, where he led the prosecution of former Liberian President  Charles Taylor. Prior to that, he served as Senior Trial Attorney and  Chief of Prosecutions at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.
  • Dr. Professor Yvonne     Dutton,  Senior Legal Advisor at PILPG and Professor of Law at the Indiana University  Robert H. McKinney School of Law teaching evidence, criminal law, criminal  procedure, international criminal law, international law, and comparative  law. Dr. Professor Dutton has practiced law as a federal prosecutor in the  U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. She is also  part of the PILPG team supporting the Ukrainian government and civil  society on various questions related to international law, atrocity crimes  documentation and prosecution, and transitional justice.

Moderator: Professor Milena Sterio, Managing Director of the Public International Law & Policy Group and the Charles R. Emrick Jr. - Calfee Halter & Griswold Professor of Law at Clevel and State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Professor Sterio is a leading expert on international law, international criminal law, and human rights.