Olena Liashenko

Creative Director

Olena Liashenko is a versatile Creative Director and Graphic Designer with over 17 years of experience spanning diverse industries. In Ukraine, she started her career journey in media as a Graphic designer and continued as an entrepreneur, Enterprise Creative Manager, and broadcast and multimedia journalist for Expert-KR News Agency.

In 2013-2021, Olena ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing the Colibri Sportswear Studio and Online Store. As CEO and Creative Director, she spearheaded innovative designs and effective marketing strategies until June 2021.

Olena Liashenko holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Ukrainian Technical School (2004, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine) and a Master of Science in Finance from the Centre of Business Administration (2008, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine). Her academic background provided a solid foundation for her various professional pursuits.

Amidst the turmoil of the war in Ukraine, Olena moved to the United States in October 2022, assuming the role of Creative Director at the US-Ukraine Foundation. Her adaptability and unwaivering commitment to growth enable her to make meaningful contributions across multiple fields, combining design, marketing, and leadership to drive positive change.