Women's History Month

Olena Liashenko
March 8, 2024

Women’s History Month

Since 2014 Ukrainian women boldly showcase their ability to defend the state alongside men, setting a remarkable precedent: today, Ukraine has the largest number of female military personnel in global history, standing firm in defense of its nation's integrity and sovereignty.

In this ongoing war, they tirelessly champion freedom in all its dimensions, bearing the highest costs. As of October 2023, over 62,000 women have answered the call to serve in the Armed Forces, marking a 50% increase from just two years prior. Their unwavering commitment to defending Ukrainian freedom underscores their absolute resolve.

Decades ago, the notion of women serving as leaders, artillery officers, snipers, and combat medics might have seemed unfathomable. Yet, today, it's the reality in Ukraine. The courage and dedication displayed by Ukrainian women command our deepest respect and admiration.

On International Women’s Day, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation extends heartfelt gratitude and profound respect to the brave and selfless defenders of Ukraine, who steadfastly fight for the future of their nation, employing every ounce of their strength to secure victory.

We honor their sacrifices and stand in solidarity as they continue to defend their country's freedoms and values and pay the highest price for it.