March 14, 2022

Urgent Saturday Recommendations and Reminders - the War Continues

Some very quick Saturday urgent recommendations and reminders

Urgent Saturday Recommendations and Reminders - the War Continues

Ukraine Needs

  • The best possible intel about locations from which Russia is firing its rockets and artillery (within Ukraine, from Russia and from the Sea of Arzov and Black Sea.
  • As much counter-fire radar as we can get to them. We provided some in 2015 and they are very proficient with it but need more – now.
  • Long range The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems
  • M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
  • Anti-ship missile systems
  • Naval mines to create critical problems for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet
  • Small arms for occupation resistance with as much ammunition as can be provided.

Syrian "Volunteers"

If it is true Syria is sending “volunteers” to join the Russian army in Ukraine (purported 16,000) they will have to travel to get there. Before they get to Russia or Ukraine they should be interdicted and stopped. Syria is not a nuclear nation our taking direct action should not be withheld for fear of “escalation”.

No-Fly Zone

While this is a short Saturday reminder I will only say – once again – Washington and others need to get past their refusal to impose a No-Fly Zone. The longer they wait the more it is needed and the worse their delay will be seen in retrospect.

In thinking about NFZ in addition to the civilian slaughter think nuclear.

Please note - and know - the text here is Mr. McConnell's and does not necessarily represent the views of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation or the Friends of Ukraine Network.