Time to Act – Ukraine Must Have Tools of Modern Warfare

February 29, 2024

“Ukraine must have the tools of modern warfare.”

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is honored and proud to have General Wesley Clark USA (Ret.), 12th Supreme Allied Commander Europe, as a member of its Leadership Council and a member of its Friends of Ukraine Network (FOUN).

Recently, General Clark sat down with Dr. Eliot A. Cohen of the Center for Strategic and International Studies for a discussion on Putin’s war against Ukraine and the United States' Reflections Reflections on the Ukraine War.

General Clark offers insights from how Washington misreads and misunderstands Putin, to positive things Washington has done to support Ukraine, to pointing out critical things Washington has done and is doing wrong regarding supporting Ukraine and our very own vital national security interests.

I strongly urge that you set aside 45 minutes to listen and learn.

Ukraine and the United States are at critical and dangerous point – decisions made are going to have significant historical consequences.  

Reflections on the Ukraine War

YouTube · Center for Strategic & International Studies


Co-Founder, U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

Director of External Affairs, Friends of Ukraine Network

The introduction to the video is Mr. McConnell’s and does not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation or the FOUN