May 11, 2023

“The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is pleased to present our Friends of Ukraine Network’s Priority Recommendations for U.S. Assistance to Ukraine 2023. The Task Force on National Security updates its annual recommendations, including immediate actions that need to be taken.  Our new Task Force on Reimagining, Reconstruction and Recovery presents expert recommendations that include actions that should be underway.  We are most grateful for the time and effort our expert teams give the on-going FOUN program.”

               Bob McConnell, Co-Founder, U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and FOUN Director External Affairs

“It is well over a year since Putin escalated his nine-year war on Ukraine with a massive conventional invasion.  The response of the US, its Allies and partners to the invasion has been strong enough to prevent Putin from establishing political control of Ukraine, but not enough to make sure that Ukraine defeats Russia on the battlefield and establishes  the basis for a just and lasting peace.  Our distinguished experts explain in this paper the great stake the US has in a successful ending to this war and what it must do to both ensure and expedite that outcome.”

Ambassador John Herbst, Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and Atlantic Council, and Chair of the Friends of Ukraine Network’s Task Force on National Security

“Ukraine's Western allies need to prepare for Ukraine's reconstruction now. They should establish a joint body with Ukraine that can credibly handle large support for Ukraine in a transparent and effective manner. Russia must pay war reparations. Therefore, the West need to localize all the Russian Central Bank reserves in the West and establish a mechanism for transferring them to Ukraine's reconstruction. Hopefully, the London Ukraine Recovery Conference in June can decide these issues."

Dr. Anders Aslund, Swedish economist and former Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, a chairman of the International Advisory Council at the Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE), and Chair of the Friends of Ukraine Network’s Task Force on Reimagining, Reconstruction and Recovery

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Priority Recommendations For U.S. Assistance to Ukraine 2023