Honoring Military Journalists: Remembering Those Lost in the Russo-Ukrainian War

Olena Liashenko
February 16, 2024

Honoring Military Journalists: Remembering Those Lost in the Russo-Ukrainian War

On Military Journalists Day in Ukraine, we unite in honoring the fearless individuals who have dedicated their lives to reporting from the frontlines, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the Ukrainian conflict.

The Ukrainian conflict has been a crucible of courage and resilience, where journalists have risked everything to bring forth the truth amidst chaos and adversity. These brave souls have tirelessly worked to illuminate the realities of war and its profound impact on communities, often paying the highest price for their dedication to journalism.

The extensive war witnessed over a hundred journalists sustaining injuries, as reported by the international organization "Reporters without Borders." Throughout the two-year period of full-scale warfare in Ukraine, more than 100 journalists, both Ukrainian and foreign, who were accredited in the region, bore the brunt of Russian aggression.

Details from the RSF website highlight the grim toll: 11 journalists lost their lives while on duty, with 9 fatalities recorded in 2022 and 2 in 2023. Additionally, at least 35 journalists were wounded during frontline reporting, assaults on media infrastructure such as TV towers, media offices, or while lodging in hotels.

Tragically, two Ukrainian journalists remain missing in Russia, including Victoria Roschyna, a freelancer for Ukrainian Pravda, who hasn't been heard from since August 2023, and Dmytro Khilyuk from the "Unian" agency.

Furthermore, a dozen journalists faced detainment, with freelance journalist Iryna Danylovych, who collaborated with several Crimean media outlets, being held by Russian authorities.

The Institute of Mass Information reveals that since February 24, 2022, 233 Ukrainian media outlets were compelled to shut down.

Over the span of two years, RSF lodged eight complaints of war crimes concurrently with the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, alongside two complaints in French courts. These submissions underscore more than 50 documented attacks on over 100 journalists.

For our Ukraine Victory summit in December 2022, we have prepared slides with the names and bios of some individuals among the courageous journalists lost in the Ukrainian conflict, their names and stories resonate with valor and determination: