Election Day is Next Week - But Voting is Underway - Express Your Support for Ukraine

Robert McConnell
November 3, 2022

Election Day is just a few days away – and, of course, voting has already started.

Are you showing candidates and voters your support for Ukraine?

Candidates have yard signs everywhere.

How about flags everywhere – on your home, on your street, at polling places, across from candidate's headquarters!

Example of a candidate talking Ukraine support.

And you might be surprised how many thumbs up, beeps,

And shout outs you get with a flag on your car.

Indeed, going through a fast food drive-in the other night, when I got to the payment window I was told because of the flag the woman in the previous car had paid my bill.

It is not too late to show the flag as many places as you can.

All thoughts and urgings above are Mr. McConnell's and not necessarily those of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation or the Friends of Ukraine Network.