Christmas at time of war

December 23, 2023

At Christmas time there have been some bleak moments in wars that brought out the best in nations and changed the course of history.

On the evening of December 25, 1776, with his soldiers reduced to wearing rags and with the war for our independence at a desperate place, Washington crossed the Delaware to move onto the offensive.

A Shelter in Camden Town under a Brewery: Christmas Eve,1940," painted by Olga Lehmann, encapsulates the stoicism of Londoners enduring the Blitz as the Allies were being pushed back in all directions.

Ukrainian soldiers huddled in a bunker last year, sharing a Christmas table amidst the echoes of war.

Now is not the time to be calling for negotiations.
Now is the time to give Ukraine what is needed to win.

In the midst of different eras and disparate corners of the world, three images converge to tell a poignant tale of resilience and unwavering spirit.

Across these scenes, an analogy unfolds — a narrative that spans centuries and continents, echoing the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity. Much like the American patriots during their struggle for independence and the Allied forces amid the chaos of World War II, the Ukrainian soldiers find themselves in a crucible of challenges and profound losses.

Yet, just as Valley Forge did not break the solve of the American revolutionaries and the Blitz failed to extinguish the spirit of Londoners, the Ukrainian people stood resilient in the face of their own trials. The images are not merely frozen moments in time; they are reflections of the unyielding courage exhibited by those who, despite the hardships, refuse to surrender or negotiate away their homeland and their freedom.

The connection is drawn through the shared experience of facing formidable adversaries, enduring great sacrifices, and celebrating moments of unity even in the bleakest of circumstances. The message resonates through the ages—difficult times and profound losses do not diminish the will to resist, rebuild, and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

As Ukraine navigates the challenges of Putin’s war, the analogy reinforces the call for support and military aid. The echoes of history remind us that, like their predecessors, the Ukrainian people will not yield or compromise on the territories where their fellow citizens reside or abandon the abducted children. The connection among these images transcends time and geography, serving as a powerful reminder that the flame of resilience burns brightly in the face of adversity.

Throughout history, there have been Christmases where war was going badly and seemed hopeless, but there were no negotiations, no suing for peace, there was doubling down and total commitment to victory, and that is the situation with Ukraine – time to decide, time to commit to victory, time to act.

And by next Christmas Ukraine will be whole and free!



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