A bittersweet Ukrainian Oscar award

Olena Liashenko
March 12, 2024

Hats off to the entire cast and crew of "20 Days in Mariupol" for their extraordinary yet poignant victory at the Oscars!

This acclaimed documentary sheds light on the daunting ordeals faced by journalists trapped in the besieged city of Mariupol, courageously documenting the horrors of the Russian invasion. As the final international journalists stationed in the city, Chernov, Maloletka, and Stepanenko captured some of the most profound and defining moments of the conflict: scenes of suffering children, mass graves, the bombing of a maternity hospital, and more.

In an era tainted by Russian disinformation and propaganda, it is paramount to amplify voices of truth such as Chernov's. "20 Days in Mariupol" transcends being just a film; it stands as a tribute to the bravery and resilience of those who risk everything to unveil the truth. Through Chernov's daily reports and personal footage, the documentary unveils a raw and haunting portrayal of the war, laying bare its chilling realities to the global audience.

While we celebrate the recognition of a Ukrainian film by the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, it's imperative to acknowledge the tragic circumstances that led to its inception - Russian aggression. It serves as a somber reminder of the unbearable toll of unjustified warfare and the agony endured by innocent souls ensnared in its grip.

How can you support Ukraine?

  1. Watch the movie
  2. Spread the word - share it with those who still believe Russian propaganda
  3. Donate to U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and support strategic advocacy for Ukraine