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    Since 1991, the leading independent organization in Washington and Kyiv promoting human rights democratic and economic reforms in Ukraine and supporting the mutual objectives of both countries.

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"Myth" Webinar
Register for "Myth" Webinar   Vasyl Slipak, the internationally renowned Ukrainian opera star, was killed by an enemy sniper in Donbas on June 29, 2016. He was only days from […] READ MORE
All you need to know about Coronavirus Regulations and Quarantine
**VISIT OUR WEBSITE - traveltoukraine.org - FOR UPDATES** The adaptive quarantine in Ukraine has been extended through July 31. While quarantine levels and restrictions vary by region, most have reopened […] READ MORE
Ukrainian and International Aspects of the Crimean Question - analysis by POID expert Natalya Belitser
Fears have been growing recently that the situation in Crimea is slowly declining as a priority or even disappearing completely as an international – and even Ukrainian – policy concern […] READ MORE
Congress - Up Date on Legislation relating to Ukraine
Click here to read the full article READ MORE
International Scientific Community Mourns Passing of Renowned Ukrainian-Born Neuroscientist Oleh Hornykiewicz
In late May, the international medical research community lost a leading figure.  Oleh Hornykiewicz (November 17, 1926 - May 26, 2020) was a Ukrainian-born neurophysiologist who established the role of […] READ MORE

About Us

A "Do Tank"

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) is a strategic “do tank,” headquartered in Washington, D.C. with a permanent Kyiv offfice, working on the ground in Ukraine since 1991. Beginning from our inception, the Foundation, a non–governmental, 501(c)(3), has created and sustained numerous strategic programs and projects, having secured funding of about $50 million.

Our work is aimed at supporting the development of democracy, a free market economy and human rights in Ukraine, and the strategic partnership between the U.S. and Ukraine.

Programs, which build peace and prosperity through shared democratic values, have focused on the areas of democracy, economic development, health, humanitarian aid and national security policy. Today, the Friends of Ukraine Network (FOUN), the Biotech Initiative and Leadership Development are among the key activities of the Foundation.

Our success is made possible by sponsors and by the cooperation and partnerships we have with a broad base of individuals and organizations in the United States, Ukraine and around the world.

Latest Events

Wed 15 2020

“Myth” Webinar
July 15, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

Register for "Myth" Webinar   Vasyl Slipak, the internationally renowned Ukrainian opera star, was killed by an enemy sniper in Donbas on June 29, 2016. He was only days from completing a second tour of duty as a member of a volunteer battalion in the war against Russian aggression. The documentary – the title “Myth” was Slipak’s combat nickname and […]

Sep 18 2020

Planned USUF-Ukraine Open World Delegations – CA
September 18, 2020

Nov 04 2020

Planned USUF-Ukraine Open World Delegations – TX
November 4, 2020

Nov 04 2020

Planned USUF-Ukraine Open World Delegations – DC
November 4, 2020