The Foundation's "Ukraine in Washington" Event: New Chairman Conveys a Message of Optimism on Ukraine and Plans for the Future

The Foundation's

Speaking at the conclusion of the US-Ukraine Foundation's online conference "Ukraine in Washington and Beyond 2021," newly appointed Foundation Chairman Rusty Brooks drew an optimistic portrait saying that the three-day event "had reinvigorated and reconfirmed" his belief "in Ukraine's potential and possibilities."  Commenting on his long career in international development, Dr. Brooks pointed out that having worked in over forty countries for over three decades "only a few [countries] have captured my attention like Ukraine did."

Over three days, twelve high-level panels examined a broad array of issues ranging from US-Ukraine relations and regional geopolitics to specific discussions of Ukraine's internal regional development and sectoral innovations.  Attention was also paid to innovative government policies designed to attract the kinds of foreign direct investment Ukraine still needs to boost further economic growth and development.

As Mr. Brooks pointed out, the purpose of the event - indeed, a principal goal of the Foundation's thirty years of working on promoting US-Ukraine relations - was to "showcase" Ukraine's impressive talent and achievements in areas that rarely make the headlines and to then help "implement that intellectual capacity." The Foundation hopes to revert to a more traditional format for its next major "Ukraine in Washington" event.  This is currently scheduled for December in Washington and will take the form of a joint celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 1991 Ukrainian independence referendum and the 30th anniversary of the Foundation itself. 

All recordings from the conference may be viewed here.