Help for the Pets and Animals of Ukraine

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Help for the Pets and Animals of Ukraine

There are many ways in which Ukraine desperately needs our help in this time, and many organizations currently using their resources to address the many challenges of the Ukrainian people.

Below are information related to some organizations and agencies actively working to support the pets and animals of Ukraine–as well as details for how you can help.

IFAW Ukraine Animal Assistance

IFAW Ukraine Animal Assistance  IFAW's goal is to help where we are needed most and to keep families together as they flee Ukraine in search of safety. In the coming weeks and months, families, including their pets, fleeing Ukraine will need each other more than ever.

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The Animal Welfare Institute

AWI has initially distributed nearly $25,000 to multiple organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries that run or support private and public shelters, veterinary clinics, zoos, and rescue and rehabilitation centers providing desperately needed care.  Learn more about the organizations we have funded to help the animals of Ukraine.

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