Ukraine Direct Action NGO Network

The BlueCheck Network unites the capabilities of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and the Lyudyanist=Humanity Project, a newly-formed collective of humanitarian crisis response experts, academics, and filmmakers with decades of experience addressing the needs of conflict-affected populations and documenting solidarity movements countering oppression.

Since March, the BlueCheck initiative has identified and is vetting over a dozen frontline organizations that need financial support immediately to continue their operations.

Our Initiative

We provide high-quality vetting of prospective Ukraine-based and nearby grassroots organizations operating to support victims of the war for donors to consider supporting. BlueCheck is the financial conduit for transmitting donations to these organizations and produces donor accountability reports on humanitarian aid activities for each organization.

Our goal is to send as much funding and resources as possible to the front lines, quickly and responsibly while ensuring the funds are being spent as intended so the impact is reaching those who need it.

Operational Focus

Emergency medical care
Food & relief supply distribution
Emergency evacuation of trapped families
Mental health services for Ukrainians in besieged areas
Cash assistance to internally displaced people and refugees
Anti-human trafficking interventions
Trauma-informed care for educators operating makeshift schools
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Grassroots Organizations

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to inflict immense suffering. The war is becoming more brutal every day, with little regard for civilians trapped by the fighting. International aid organizations are struggling to reach the most affected parts of the country and are starting to be targeted themselves. Many are only operating on the periphery of the war or may evacuate what little personnel they have on the ground as security further deteriorates.

The people of Ukraine are not waiting for the outside world to help. They have transformed themselves from musicians into humanitarian aid workers, from orphan caretakers into rescue mission operators, from academics into war-time educators, and from social workers into emergency mental health counselors. Each of these Ukrainian-led and grassroots emergency solidarity efforts demands immediate support from donors outside the country. For this reason, a group of NGO, private sector, and entertainment professionals joined together to build resources and support for these newly-founded organizations that have sprung into action to help the people of Ukraine.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and the Lyudyanist=Humanity Project have partnered to identify and fund both newly-founded and longstanding Ukrainian non-governmental organizations and institutions providing lifesaving aid to Ukrainians trapped in the hardest-hit regions of the country.

The below Donate Now button takes you directly to a donation page for BlueCheck. There is also a designation option when making a donation on the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation's main Donate Now page.

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Current BlueCheck Organization List

Medical Resupply

Ukraine AirLIFT

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s Operation “Ukraine AirLIFT” is a platform for partners, such as the American Hospital Association and the Cleveland Clinic, to donate and transport critically-needed medical supplies to Ukrainian medical facilities.

Emergency Evacuations


Since 2016, Kidsave has been training and mentoring older orphans transitioning to the working world. Since February 24, Kidsave has helped more than 6,500 people, including 4,000 children, flee to safety. Kidsave's team and volunteers on the ground have been operating 1,200-mile-long evacuations, traveling in dangerous conditions through Mykolaiv, Kherson, New Odesa, Ismail, and more cities for days at a time.

Mental Health Services

Ukraine Needs You

Ukraine Needs You was founded by three Ukrainian-Americans in response to the terrors unfolding in Ukraine. Ukraine Needs You supports a network of mental health professionals in Ukraine providing tele-health psychosocial support sessions to clients trapped in the conflict-affected areas of Ukraine. Ukraine Needs You has also established a 24/7 crisis hotline.

Trauma-Informed Care for Educators


Tolerspace is a program for conflict-affected teenagers that fosters tolerance education. Since February 24, the first day of the Russian invasion, Tolerspace has organized an online support program for teachers to support mental health, provide trauma-sensitive education and teach coping mechanisms and stress regulation.

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The Team

Liev Schreiber
Jason Cone
Harris Fishman
Michael Goldfarb
Aaron Peterer
Margrit Polak
Sofia Shield
Murphy Poindexter
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