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February 23, 2018 @ 1:30 pm

On November 17, 1917, a coup d’etat in Russia led by Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin opened a dark communist era, marked by fear, death, economic chaos and a complete assault on individual freedoms. Communism was implemented in Russia 100 years ago and spread throughout much of the 20th century to Eastern and Central Europe, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, parts of Africa, Afghanistan, North Korea and Cuba. It is estimated that communism was responsible for over 100 million deaths– more casualties than thosee in World War I and II combined.CSIS is hosting a public event to evaluate the economic, social, and environmental outcomes of this regime and to provide a realistic picture for current and future generations about the dangers of communism. Featuring: **Marion Smith, Executive Director, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation **Dr. Paul G. Kengor, Professor, Grove City College, and Bestselling Author of Several Books on Communism **Laura M. Nicolae, Student at Harvard College and Daughter of a Romanian Escapee from Communism NOTE: While Ukraine is not expressly mentioned in the program description, it seems likely that it will be included.


February 23, 2018
1:30 pm