Internships at the US-Ukraine Foundation

Internships at the US-Ukraine Foundation

Grant Mizell, an International Studies major at the University of North Florida, has completed a summer internship with the US-Ukraine Foundation.   His duties included reporting on Ukraine-related discussions at Washington think tanks, conducting research for USUF, helping organize events at the Foundation and handling various administrative tasks. The other USUF interns this year were Lisa May, Hannah Underhill, Alex Naumov and Miriam Yakobashvili.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation encourages undergraduate and graduate students with a wide variety of interests (such as international relations, public administration, political science, history, journalism, law, public health, web design, economics, and finance) to apply for internships with USUF.

Students wishing to pursue a USUF internship should submit a letter of interest to from one to three months prior to the proposed starting date of the Fall, Spring or Summer internship. Preference is given to early applicants. Interns are selected on a competitive basis.

The Foundation makes every effort to provide a mutually beneficial internship that is tailored to each intern’s interests and the needs of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation.

To read more about USUF’s internship program click here.

Pictured above: Summer 2018 intern Grant Mizell (L) receives a certificate of appreciation from USUF Vice President John Kun. (Photo by Adrian Karmazyn).