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A young Ukrainian mathematician, Oleksij Teplinsky, was awarded first place in the 2008 Ukraine Mathematics Competition, the first annual competition sponsored by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and the Shevchenko Scientific Society of America. 

The competition is also supported by the Ukraine and Kyiv Mathematical Societies along with the Honorable Roman Popadiuk, the first U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.

Mathematics Award

Oleksij Teplinsky received his award and a prize of $5,000 at a ceremony during a meeting of the Kyiv Mathematical Society on August 22, 2008.

The goal of the mathematics competition is to help young mathematicians who are working at research institutions in Ukraine, and to stimulate the interest of young people in pure and applied science.  The competition is open to citizens of Ukraine who are working permanently in Ukraine, no more than 35 years old, and who are either Candidates or Doctors of Science in physical-mathematical sciences.     

Oleksij Teplinsky

Oleksij is quoted as being a “deep and original young mathematician.” He works on difficult and interesting problems related to dynamical renormalizations.”  Oleksij has jointly published an important paper in “Inventiones Mathematicae” which was an important contribution to the Herman theory.  Overall, he has shown great research potential and is well deserving of the competition’s award.

You can read more about the 2008 Ukraine Mathematics Competition at http://www.shevchenko.org/MatPhysTech/competition.htm or at http://www.mathsociety.kiev.ua/news.html.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (http://www.usukraine.org) and the Shevchenko Scientific Society (http://www.shevchenko.org) deeply thank all of the participants, reviewers, and members of the jury. 

More information on next year’s competition will soon be made available.  Announcements concerning the Mathematics Competition will be published in the Ukrainian Mathematical Journal and other scholarly publications in Ukraine.


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