An Initiative of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation


Join the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and participating organizations in the Sounding the Alarm for Ukraine & Europe week-long grassroots campaign being conducted nation-wide, during the week of October 23rd to October 29th for the purpose of contacting Presidential and Congressional candidates to underscore that it is in the U.S. interest that Ukraine succeed. Furthermore the U.S., as a signatory to the Budapest Memorandum where Ukraine gave up the 3rd largest arsenal of nuclear weapons, has obligations to help Ukrainians in their fight against the Kremlin’s invasion of their country.

The goals of this campaign are:

  • To raise awareness of the true extent of the war in Ukraine, including its growing humanitarian, social and economic costs, and to rally all possible support from the U.S. and the international community, and advocating support for Ukraine during this election season.
  • To advocate for increased and sustained assistance for Ukraine from the U.S. Congress.
  • To appeal to the future President of the United States for more active support, thereby letting the People of Ukraine know that they are not forgotten!
  • To remind the U.S. and the international community that sanctions should relate not only to Minsk II but also to the return of Crimea to Ukraine.
  • To underscore that a free, sovereign and democratic Ukraine is important to the security of Europe.

During the week of October 23rd through October 29th:

CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES … contact their campaign/district offices for a meeting with the candidate … or attend any public campaign forums …

CONTACT THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES … contact their campaign offices … attend any scheduled public forums

Present materials advocating for sustained support for the People of Ukraine!

Talking points and other supporting materials will be provided on our website.

JOIN the Sounding the Alarm for Ukraine & Europe Campaign!
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